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1.27sOkay, see you later, Mom.
2sWhere are you off to, sweetie?
3.95sYou gonna go see three movies in a row so it seems like you're out doing something?
3.5sNo, Mom. I'm going to my first big high school Halloween party.
2.35sThat's nice. What are you dressed as?
1.64sI'm a slutty cat.
2.52s(SCOFFS) Why has that become what Halloween is for girls today?
1.83sIt's just an excuse to dress slutty.
2.24s"I'm a slutty nurse," "I'm a slutty pirate,"
2.74s""I'm a slutty cancer survivor."
3.17sWho wants to check my boobs for lumps, bitches?
4.12s(ALL LAUGHING) I'll be back late. Don't wait up.
2.13sQuack, quack.
4.45sOh! My little ducky. You look so adorable.
1.38sOh, no, no. You see these holes?
2.94sI got bit by a vampire. I'm a vampire duck.
4.6sBut I'm a modern vampire duck who hangs around with Anna Paquin and drives around in a black Mercedes.
0.8sWhat is that?
1.03sIt's True Blood.
1.57sYeah, no one knows what that is.