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2.9sRight, okay, I'll have a Mr. Whip-o Bar,
2.94sa Kooky Nut Pop, some Jim 'n M's,
2.75sa Zip Zap, a Choco Buddy,
2.13sa $64,000 Bar,
3.24sa Notafinger and a Dawkin's Peanut Butter Disc.
1.68sGod, I hate television.
1.75sBrian, why are you pink?
3.4s(SNIFFS) Why do you and Meg smell like sweat and shame?
4.14sUh, well... You see... We...
1.43sYou know what? I don't care.
1.7sI hooked up with a chick tonight,
2.7sand I am pretty darn proud of myself.
1.37sYou're right, Chris.
2.97sI hooked up with a guy tonight, a high school guy,
2.54sand I think maybe he'll call tomorrow.
1.93sYou may be disappointed.