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4.59s(BOTH SCREAMING) Oh, my God, what are you doing here?
1.5sTrying to grab some boob!
1.27sFrom your sister?
1.74sI didn't know it was you!
1.47sWell, who did you think it was?
1.45sSome bitch! Who cares?
2.93s(GAGGING) Oh, my God!
1.27sWe did so much!
1.77sShut up! Shut up! Shut up!
4.34sWe're disgusting! We're a disgrace to our family!
2.63sOh! Maybe I can get in on this.
3.2sIt's good to finally be off duty.
2.2sWow, I never knew about this place, Quagmire.
2.17sYeah, this is the Air Force graveyard,
2.4swhere old military planes come to die.
1.53sThat one over there is my favorite.
1.97sIt's an old Japanese Zero.
2.45sWow, no calories and all that Japanese taste?