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2.49sThey're all here! What do you think?
3.09sI think it's lunchtime. We have a winner!
3.97sI'm really sorry about what I did, Alison.
4.1s- It's no shame being second to you. - Thank you, Lisa.
2.77sYou know, I'm actually kind of glad I lost.
2.77sNow I know losing isn't the end of the world.
2.87sHey, you still think we can be friends?
1.97sOnly if we're the best.
6.24sI beat the smart kids I beat the smart kids I bent my wookie.
2.83sHey, Ralph, wanna come with me and Alison to play anagrams?
2.1sWe take proper names and rearrange the letters...
2.1sto form a description of that person.
2.8sMy cat's breath smells like cat food.