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3.47sA mountain of sugar is too much for one man.
3.8sIt's clear now why God portions it out in those tiny packets,
3.57sand why he lives on a plantation in Hawaii.
3.9sAh, "Diorama-Rama"-- my favorite school event...
1.95snext to Hearing Test Thursday.
2.42s"The Grapes of Wrath"? I don't get it.
4.07sHere's the grapes, and here's the wrath.
3.79sYes, yes. Very good wrath. Ah, let's see.
3.44sOur foreign exchange student Uter has chosen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
4.1sI-- But this is just an empty box.
4.8sI begged you to look at mine first. I begged you.
1.94sLisa, here is, as the French say,
2.15s"le fake diorama."