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1.4sSo I've been told.
2.2s- Hey, you up for a little NAFTA? - What's that?
3.27s'Nother afternoon fucking that ass.
1.87sWhat the hell was I thinking?
1.97sI don't know what came over me.
2.14sOh, God! What am I going to do?
1.57sHey, Bill, you up for a little bowling?
1.6sI swiped some money out of Lois's purse.
3.87sI don't think she'll notice because she's here humping you!
3.54sPeter! Look, I know this looks bad, and I feel horrible,
5.94sand I know nothing I could say to you could possibly justify why I slept with Bill except...
1.1sI mean, Peter,
5.4sthe man presided over the longest economic expansion in US history,