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2.54s"Oh, how cute! I bet he smells like baby powder."
1.17sThey see your diaper and think,
1.93s"Ew, that dog is sick. He must be dying.
1.4s"I hope he doesn't leak on our carpet.
1.33s"Why don't they just put him to sleep?"
1.97sYou know, at this point, I'd probably welcome that.
2.67sOh, hey, come on, man. You just got to get used to it.
1.5sHey, have you gone yet?
1.47sHave you popped your butt cherry?
2.43sYou know, you should be more sensitive to my humiliation.
3.24sRemember how bad you felt when you drew that picture for Peter and Lois?
2.3sOh, Stewie, it's wonderful!
2.34sThis is going right up on the fridge.
1.37sReally? The fridge?
2.8sIt's like we have a little Michelangelo in the house.
2.57sOkay! See you guys later.
2.7sI almost lost it when you said to put it on the fridge.
1.9sI know! I mean, what the hell is this supposed to be,
1.77sa pelican or a school bus?
1.97sLooks like Muhammad Ali drew this.
2.63sWhat a dumb ass! Hey, let's spit on it.
3.9s(SNORING) Peter! Oh! Oh, Lois.
2.37sOh... Let me make you some coffee.