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3.7sThere's no need in goin' over
2.74sAll the things that took me under
2.2sHello, old friend.
2.07s(SCREAMING) What the hell?
3.47sNo! No! You do not go on this lawn!
1.6sBrian, I've had enough of this.
3.14sIt's more disgusting than when you gave me that Christmas gift.
2.97sOh, what is it? A little birdie?
4.14sOh! Oh, my God! It's dead! Brian!
2.94sOh! Oh, Brian, this is disgusting!
1.63sOh, my God! Get it out of here!
0.83sI'm... I'm sorry.
1.6sI thought... I thought you'd like it.
2.2sBrian, I love it!