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1.43sSince when do you go to the gym?
3.84sWell, it's just that whole thing at the aquarium made me realize I'm completely out of shape.
2.03sI mean, what if I run into that octopus again?
1.47sPeter, that's ridiculous.
2.9sReady for round two, man? I got all day.
1.7sHey, is that your wife?
1.7sHey, I didn't know you guys work out here.
2.37sYeah, it's a weekly regimen. Come on, come on, Cleveland, push it.
2.33sCome on, come on, push it, push it. Push it, come on, it's all you.
1.6sIt's all you, it's all... Hey.
2.67sGlenn, Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, Glenn!
1.47sJOE: Will you guys quiet down?
2.4sI'm trying to concentrate on my cardio.
1.57sHey, you guys the trainers here?
2.57sWhy, look, Barnaby, a new recreation enthusiast.
8.54sWe'll start off your workout with vigorous calisthenics executed in rhythmic time with acetate pressings of the new musical craze called jazz.
3.5sSteak and eggs and eggs and steak