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2.02s- What are you doing? - I'm reading.
3.07sWhat... What... What...
1.3sWhat are you reading?
2.34sWell, I was just finishing Jonathan Franzen's book.
3.32sYou know, I'll admit it has its moments, but it's completely overrated.
3.3sI mean, I'm not saying I wrote something similar to it several years ago,
1.03sbut I am saying...
2.93sGrab him! (ALL LAUGHING) What? What? What? Hey, what are you doing? Hey!
1.87sHey! Hey! Hey! What? Get his paw! Hold still!
1.94sPush him down onto all fours! No. What are you do...
1.57sI don't want to do this.
1.3sIf he really starts freaking out, put your pinkie in his butt!
2.47sCalm down! Calm down!
4.99s(LAUGHING) Now Stewie!
2.85sAll right, I guess this is the night bitches die.
2.64sI wonder what the chain gang did today.
2.9sI hope we're not missing anything cool. Maybe we should go back.
2.75sHey, guys, look, there's a house.
3.45sMaybe there's something inside we can use to get these chains off.