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3.1sSo, Cleveland, you got to be pretty psyched about President Ubama, huh?
1.18sWell, I mean, you remember how a lot of people said, like,
1.47s"Oh, Ubama's not gonna be able to do it,"
1.67sbut he's hanging in there.
1.6sPeter, it's "Obama."
2.14sYou-bama, Me-bama, We-bama, who cares?
2.1sIt's a black guy in a suit, let's just marvel at that.
2.43sGosh, Cleveland, it sure is great having you back at The Clam,
2.27seven if it's just for a week.
4.55s(PETER'S PHONE RINGING) My name is Cleveland Brown and I am proud to be... Oh, hang on, that's my cell phone.
2.97sAw, Peter, you're using the song! Thank you.
2.5sWell, the numbers ain't so good, so we got to do everything we can.
1.28sHello, Lois.
1.75sPeter, where the hell are you?
3.04sYou told me you were gonna clean out those boxes in the basement and put them in the attic.
2.17sLois, it just sounds like busy work. It is busy work.
2.44sI'm trying to keep you off the streets and off drugs.
2sI'm selling those candy bars!
1.07sHey, hey, hey,
3.64syou want to buy some candy bars so we can get some new uniforms for our baseball team?