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1.14sWe had drugs?
3.14sOh, my God, why am I driving drunk when I could've been driving high?
1.9sYou boys are in a lot of trouble.
1.6sDispatch, Sheriff Nichols.
2.94sBringing in four perpetrators under suspicion of drug possession.
2.37sDescriptions. One African-American,
2.43sone crippled, one skinny, one handsome.
1.68sYou're all coming down to the station with me.
0.9sOh, crap!
1.42sHang on, hang on, you guys.
1.8sDon't worry. I know how to speak this guy's language.
1.52sKeith Urban.
1.23sGo on.
1.67sBrett Favre.
2.6sUh-huh. I'm listening.
1.63sWilliam H. Macy?
3sYou guys are going away for a long time.
1.45sLook at this, Cleveland.
1.47sFront of the bus, back of the bus, middle of the bus,
1.64syou guys are doing great.
2.68sI can't believe this. Two weeks in prison on trumped-up charges.
2.03sThat trial was a total sham.
2.5sYeah, I knew we were in trouble the minute I saw the jury.