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2.55sWell, lookie here. What do we got in this thing?
2.2sOh, come on! You planted that there!
1.14sWe had drugs?
3.14sOh, my God, why am I driving drunk when I could've been driving high?
1.9sYou boys are in a lot of trouble.
1.6sDispatch, Sheriff Nichols.
2.94sBringing in four perpetrators under suspicion of drug possession.
2.37sDescriptions. One African-American,
2.43sone crippled, one skinny, one handsome.
1.68sYou're all coming down to the station with me.
0.9sOh, crap!
1.42sHang on, hang on, you guys.
1.8sDon't worry. I know how to speak this guy's language.
1.52sKeith Urban.
1.23sGo on.
1.67sBrett Favre.
2.6sUh-huh. I'm listening.
1.63sWilliam H. Macy?
3sYou guys are going away for a long time.