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3.15sOfficer, what is it? We are in a tremendous urban rush.
1.94sYou fellas ain't from around here, are you?
3.15sHey, Sheriff, I'm trying to learn Southern. Is this saying anything?
1.42sWe're very sorry, Sheriff,
2.84sand we want to cooperate to the fullest extent possible.
2.33sYou threatening me? Uh, no, sir.
1.2sWho you calling "sir," boy?
2.57sI'm an officer of the law, paid by this county.
2.77sAnd I can't help noticing you got a headlight out.
5.3sReally? I don't see any... (GLASS BREAKING) And I see that turn signal ain't working neither.
3.39s(GLASS BREAKING) Now, look, sir, I'm a police officer, too.
1.88sI know all the games, I use them myself.
2.1sSo what do you say we just work something out?
2.97sSo, you're a cop, huh? Let me see your badge.
1.94sLooks like you're a civilian now.