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2.74sPETER: No. No, no. No, not you, Seamus.
1.3sSEAMUS: Ah, poo.
1.63sAll right, listen up, ladies.
2.12sWe got something to say and we ain't taking no for an answer.
1.37sWe are going on a road trip.
1.45sWe don't know how long we'll be gone,
1.93sand don't expect a call from us to check in.
2.07sThis trip is about men being men.
3.67sWe will drive after a couple of beers and not make a big federal case about it.
2.7sWe're gonna sneeze and not put our hand over shit.
1.77sAnd there ain't nothing you can do to stop us!
0.95sYeah. Okay with me.
1.57s- Sure. - Fine.
2.3sThat'll be nice. It'll give us a chance to have some girl time.
2.09sOh, all right, then.
1.2sWhere are you boys going?
2.62sWe're going to New Orleans. The party capital of America.
2.27sHome of the All-You-Can-Pee Street.
2.79sI'll tell you one thing, it's all about the beads down there.
2.07sWe all know what's going on here.
1.47sIt's just implied,
2sbut we all know what's going on in this thought bubble.