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2sLike go on a road trip, find some adventure.
3.34sQuagmire, that's a great idea! Let's do a road trip! Who's in?
2.74sPETER: No. No, no. No, not you, Seamus.
1.3sSEAMUS: Ah, poo.
1.63sAll right, listen up, ladies.
2.12sWe got something to say and we ain't taking no for an answer.
1.37sWe are going on a road trip.
1.45sWe don't know how long we'll be gone,
1.93sand don't expect a call from us to check in.
2.07sThis trip is about men being men.
3.67sWe will drive after a couple of beers and not make a big federal case about it.
2.7sWe're gonna sneeze and not put our hand over shit.
1.77sAnd there ain't nothing you can do to stop us!
0.95sYeah. Okay with me.
1.57s- Sure. - Fine.
2.3sThat'll be nice. It'll give us a chance to have some girl time.
2.09sOh, all right, then.
1.2sWhere are you boys going?