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2.19sEven so, sir. We could stand to lay off a few employees.
4.47sOh! Very well. Lay off... him, him, him, him-- Hmm.
3.09sBetter keep the egghead. He just might come in handy.
3.19sDad, you shouldn't wear glasses that weren't prescribed for you.
3.69sLisa, just because you're 10 feet tall doesn't mean you can tell me what to do.
1.65sI'm Bart.
1sGive me those.
4.59sAnd finally, Henry Kissinger was hospitalized today after walking into a wall.
3.02sNow over to Kent Brockman with some grim economic news.
3.72sScott, things aren't as happy as they used to be down here at the unemployment office.
3.14sJoblessness is no longer just for philosophy majors.
2.43sUseful people are starting to feel the pinch.
3.37sI haven't been able to find a job in six years.
1.93sHuh. And what training do you have?
3.17sFive years of modern dance. Six years of tap.