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3.07sHey, listen, I hope you're feeling all right about our little talk the other day.
2.04sYou know, about us being just friends and all.
2.7sOh, yeah. No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
3.97sAnd, hey, look I... I wanted to thank you for being so great to me.
4.5s- So, I baked you a pie. - Oh, wow. Hey, that looks delicious.
2.17sMmm. Wow, this is good. What's in there?
4.64sWell, there some apples and some cinnamon and my hair.
2.8sWhat? My hair's in the pie, Brian.
5.14sAnd now it's inside of you. Part of me is inside of you, Brian.
2.17sDo you feel me, Brian?
2.77sDo you feel me inside of you?
2.54sOoh, you got some pie, huh? Can I have a piece?
2.94sUh, sure. Ooh, let me have some of that Cool Whip.