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1.3sMasturbate? Masturbate.
1.7sWe're gonna masturbate together.
4.74sWell, maybe back to back, but I gotta tell you, I'm not 100% on this.
2.43sOh, there's the cute prom couple.
3.17sHi, Mom. Is it cool if Brian and I go to the mall this afternoon?
3.57sActually, I thought I was pretty clear... Of course, it's okay.
3.3sEver since that dance, you two have become such good friends.
1.6sWho would have thought?
2.77sWe're more than friends, Mom. Last night, at the dance, Brian...
2.87sLast night, we decided to be best friends. Right, Meg?
2.07sCome on, let's go to the mall. We'll get you a...
4.2sGet you a big old pretzel. I want a pretzel, too.
3.34sCHRIS: Brian, I'm ready. You in or out?