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3.8sI appreciate you guys volunteering for this next phase of training,
3swhich will address how to deal with a crazed drug user.
2.07sHey, Joe, what are we supposed to do in here?
1.57sYou see that coffee you're drinking?
1.73sI have, without your knowledge,
3.44sadded a large amount of PCP to one of those cups of coffee.
2.44sI won't say which one, but in a few moments,
4.1sone of you will completely lose your freaking mind. Good luck.
1.83sUh-oh. This is not good.
2.74sWe're in trouble. All right, let's all try and relax here, right?
1.97sI don't feel so good.
3.67sGod, it's Cleveland, it's him, it's him! Shut up, maybe it's you.
2.54sHow the hell did all this skin get on my arm?
5.41s(ALL SCREAMING) Quagmire, put your skin back on. One of us is about to freak out.
0.07sHi, honey.
1.97sI was thinking about our kiss last night.
3.17sI never knew how flat and wide your tongue was.