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2.8sBesides, it's bound to go better than my deep-sea training.
2.8sWell, we've got a long time in this decompression chamber.
1.77sYou guys mind if I turn on the radio?
2.17sPeter, don't!
2.4sNice going, jackass. Look what you did.
3.77sHey. Hey, excuse the hell out of me for trying to brighten your day with music, all right?
2.67sYou idiot, use your brain. You're an idiot.
6.37s(ALL CLAMORING) Stop, stop, stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop.
2.13sOh, man, we're going to need some butter or something.
3.3sOh, Brian, it is so nice of you to take Meg to this dance.
1.7sIt really means a lot to her.
2.53sYou got any weed? I put it in your coat pocket.
1.3sHere she is.
2.77sBrian, I present to you your polished turd for the evening.
4.94sHow do I look, Brian? Uh, you sure do, Meg.
4.17sFYI, the carpet matches the drapes in color and quantity.
1.87sEver seen a blacksmith's apron?
3.97sWell, Brian, here we go. Oh, this is going to be so much fun.