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3sSir, as a citizen, how has this affected you?
3.3sThe police are gone? Oh, my God, we're finally safe!
11.71sFreedom you see Has got our hearts singing so joyfully Just look about You owe it to yourself to check it out Can't you feel a brand-new day?
3.6sCan't you feel a brand-new day?
3.94sCan't you feel a brand-new day?
4.17sCan't you feel a brand-new day?
2.14sHey, Joe, where you been? We haven't seen you in days.
3.27sEver since Mayor West deployed the police to Cartagena,
1.63sI've been working nonstop.
4.74sThe only reason I didn't have to go myself is that South America isn't wheelchair accessible.
3.6sHey, you guys, we should help Joe out. We could be cops, right, Joe?
4.54sWell, we have started an emergency training program at the police academy,