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2.7sI'd find that one person who would make me whole.
3.1sThanks, Mr. Quagmire. You don't have to thank me.
2.57sNow, get on out of here, you little scamp.
2sAll right, ladies, you ready for action?
3sWe sure are, Glenn. Do you have the whip?
1.8sGot it right... Wait, what?
2sHello, I'm Tom Tucker. Coming up at 11:00,
6.24sQuahog police return to active duty after giving up the search for fictitious Romancing the Stone character, Elaine Wilder.
2.9sPlus, in national news, America's Scoutmasters are asking,
2.1s"Why are the kids so shy in the shower?"
2.94sAnd, in entertainment, is Annette Bening made of leather?
2.27sA local tanner has a surprising revelation.
1.6sWe'll have all this, and what else, Ollie?
2.64sOLLIE: Sports! And sports. Join us at 11:00.