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2.87sI'm really having a great time tonight, Brian.
2.3sI can't believe you went to all this trouble.
5.04sWell, you know me. Oh, I do, Brian. I know you so well.
2.84s- So, are you ready? - For what?
4.4sFor the fun we're gonna have, Brian. We're gonna have fun tonight.
5.64sGood old-fashioned, all-American fun.
4.17sListen, Meg, I'm not gonna lie to you, here. I'm a little uncomfortable.
3.44sOh, just relax. We're gonna be here for a while.
1.43sWell, I don't know if... Wait, what?
1.7sWe're gonna be here for a while.
2.2sA while? Yeah, a while.
1.6s- You mean a while? - A while.
1.33sA while. A while.
1.3sA while. A while.
2sA while. Brian, you're acting weird.
2.8sOh, come on, that one doesn't even have an "H" in it.
3.37sDon't move, dirtbag. Holy crap, what the hell is this?
1.83sBrian, she's a teenager.