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4.5s(GASPS) Hey, Lois, can you run inside and get me some oranges or whatever it is these things eat?
1.77sPeter, what is that?
3.9sThis would be a giraffe, Isaac Newton. I stole it from the zoo.
1.73sWhat with Mayor West sending all the cops away,
1.57severybody can do whatever they want.
2.4sPeter, I don't care what Mayor West has done.
1.63sYou can't just break the law.
1.87sSure, I can. I've been doing it all week.
3.47sLike yesterday, I started a lovable gang of cockney pickpockets.
2.8sAll right, boys, the best targets are old, rich people.
2.04sThere's one now. Go get him.
3.77sOh, no, there's no police here to help me!
3.7sI hope you don't find the money strapped to my thigh.
3.04sPeter, you take that thing back where it belongs immediately.
3.44sAll right, I guess we gotta go back to the zoo, Allison Janney.
1.73sAllison Janney?
3.1sQUAGMIRE: Oh, good morning, honey. That feels really good. What...
1.64sHey! Hey! Hey! What the hell?
3.6sYou're not the same giraffe from last night. Get out of here!
1.63sWhat the hell?