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1.47sBut Randy said...
2.94sRandy? Have you been hanging out with Randy?
1.58sPlease, Bender.
2.97sIf everything is a chess game for you, you must know how to help me.
3.62sI'm sorry, Fry, but some games you just can't win.
2.39sCubert and the Professor are guilty.
3.54sThe jury will vote to convict. I can't change that.
1.47sWell, what about Leela?
2.6sIs there any hope things could still work out between us?
1.63sIt's getting late.
4.07sNow if you'll excuse me, I have some new heavy elements to create.
4.25sBetter cover your nads. It may get a little non-Newtonian in here.
3.44sNot only have the defendants failed to rebut the charges,
4.44sthey have not even presented any mitigating factors to recommend leniency.
3.3sIt strikes me as an extra-risky strategy.
2.87sDid you say extra-crispy recipe?