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2.02sBender, what happened to you?
3.09sI'll try to put it in terms you can comprehend.
2.95sI passed the existential singularity.
1.23sTry harder!
5.17sI hacked myself inside-out and now the entire universe is my processor.
5.07sWhoa! I definitely want to hear about that, but first, I need your help.
2.38sThe Professor and Cubert are in trouble, and Leela left me.
1.45sI'm in misery!
3.17sI've grown far beyond the petty concerns of your world.
2.8sEvery time I burp, a new galaxy is born.
1.82sTwo, if I've been eating broccoli.
4.4sAll existence is just a chess game, and I can see 50 moves ahead.
2.7sHuman emotion no longer concerns me.
1.47sBut Randy said...
2.94sRandy? Have you been hanging out with Randy?
1.58sPlease, Bender.
2.97sIf everything is a chess game for you, you must know how to help me.
3.62sI'm sorry, Fry, but some games you just can't win.
2.39sCubert and the Professor are guilty.
3.54sThe jury will vote to convict. I can't change that.