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2.03smaybe we can beat those Korean girls!
4.45sWell, well. That nerd-burglar overclocked the robot's processor!
3.09sAnd that voids his warranty. Even an idiot like me knows that.
2.17s- An idiot like you knows nothing! - Ah!
2.9sWhat matters is, it violates the license agreement,
2.7sand that means I've got him right by his little...
2.23sI'm saying "ding-dong" 'cause you don't have a doorbell.
4.52sHey, pigs. (SNORTS) We're looking for a Cubert J. Farnsworth.
1.98sYou're porkin' at him.
4.04sYou're under arrest for felony violation of the MomCorp license agreement.
4.89s(SQUEALING LIKE A PIG) What's all this oinking about? Who called the fuzz?
2.82sSir, who is this boy's legal guardian?
1.17sYou're porkin' at him.
1.72sThen the charges apply to you, too.
5.2s(BOTH GRUNT) Farnsworth? What a lucky break!
3.7sAfter all these years, I've got him! And legally, too!