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1.88sWhat is it, you colicky bastards?
1.6sWe were playing video games,
2.6sand the other kids didn't play fair.
2.7sWhat? Nobody rips off my kids but me!
2.95sWe can find out who they are through their motion-capture camera.
3.5sIt better not be those little Korean girls again.
2.33sAha! Got it!
2.52sWhoo! We're the greatest! Mostly me!
1.22sMOTHER: Bender Rodriguez?
2.79sWALT: But he's a stock MomCorp bending unit,
4.07sand he's 12 years out of date. How could he possibly play that well?
2.95sDid you see me? History came alive and I killed it!
2.4s(LAUGHS) If I overclock you some more,
2.03smaybe we can beat those Korean girls!
4.45sWell, well. That nerd-burglar overclocked the robot's processor!
3.09sAnd that voids his warranty. Even an idiot like me knows that.
2.17s- An idiot like you knows nothing! - Ah!
2.9sWhat matters is, it violates the license agreement,
2.7sand that means I've got him right by his little...
2.23sI'm saying "ding-dong" 'cause you don't have a doorbell.