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1.85sNo galaxies there.
2.27sKnock, knock. Oh! Oh! Who's there?
2.7s(ALL EXCLAIMING) Leela who?
3.12sIt's good to see you. Is it good to see me?
0.75sOf course.
1.27sAMY: Come on in, Leela.
1.57sTake that ugly coat off.
1.79sThanks. Hi, everybody.
3.54sSo tell us, how's the intergalactic real estate going?
3.5sPretty good. I just sold a castle to the King of Space.
3.94sBut somehow, I keep finding myself thinking about this place
1.43sand things.
2.8sThings like me, or things like this badminton racquet?
1.57sYou, Fry.
2.84sBender, while you still have your giant brain,
3splease tell me if Fry and I ended up together.