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3.37sTold you I'd get away with it. (SNORTS) That'll do, pig.
3.1sPlease read the verdict against Professor Farnsworth.
1.45sYou got it, Judge.
3.25sI think you'll find this verdict as fair as it is cruel.
4.1sYour Honor, I move for a mistrial on grounds of double jeopardy!
3.25sCubert Farnsworth cannot be tried twice for the same crime.
4.12s(ALL GASP) (SQUAWKS) Cubert is the Professor's clone,
2.6sergo, they are legally the same person.
2.17sSince you dismissed the charges against Cubert,
3.1syou cannot convict the Professor of these same charges!
3.4sWell, I'll be a nugget's uncle. He's right!
2.55sWhat a brilliant legal shenanigan.
1.15sCase dismissed!
3.19sBender, you knew all this would happen, didn't you?
2.07sYes. All except this part.
1.63sIf I can't bring down Farnsworth,
1.9sI can at least dumb down his robot.
3.24sTake him away and reset him to factory-stupid condition!