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2.43sroll up yer sleeves and do some honest labor.
1.44sI don't wanna chat.
3.75s(GAVEL BANGING) The council of robot elders will come to order.
1.25sIf it please the Council...
2.64sSilence! It pleases the Council.
2.57sSilence! Today, as every day,
4.4swe will make the most important decisions in the history of our planet.
3.64sBENDER: Silence! (ALL GASPING) Silence!
1.62sWell? Speak up.
1.84sYou talk of important decisions,
2.24sbut as robots, you have no free will.
2.27sWhy pretend anything you do matters?
1.87sOur decisions do matter.
3.37sThe fact that they're predetermined makes them no less important.
4.81sSilence! I call for a decision to cast out the intruder. All in favor?
1.15sAye. Aye.
1.05sDuh, okay.