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4.69s(SOBBING) No free will. Not my fault.
1.97sWhy do you care so much, Bender?
2.92sI mean, for all we know, humans don't even have free will.
1.33sYeah, whatever.
3.4sProfessor, you're my only hope. If you love me even a little,
2.2sbuild me some kind of free will unit.
2.94sA robot free will unit? Impossible!
2.3sAnd even if it were possible, which it's not,
1.97sit would still be inconceivable...
1.67sWhich it is!
7.36s(CRYING SOFTLY) Oh, I'm sorry, Bender. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
2.75sAlso, good news, everyone!
3.19sWe have a delivery to the Robot Homeworld.
3.37s(SIGHS) So... You want a piece of gum?
3.72sIf I do, it's only because I was predestined to want a piece of gum.