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5.47sAre you suggesting that any verdict I reach is simply the output of a pre-programmed...
1.84sComputation complete.
1.92sNot guilty!
4.57s(ALL CHEERING) You did it, Bender! You got away with things!
2.3sDid I, Fry? Did I?
3.24sWhat's the point of living if I don't have free will?
2.77sFrom now on, no matter what cool crimes I commit,
2.34speople will say, "Bender didn't do that!
2.2s"It was just Bender's programming!"
4.17sWell, I committed these crimes, do you hear me? I'm guilty!
3.52sBailiffs, get that innocent robot out of my courtroom.
6.86s(WAILING) I have no free will! I am not the master of my own fate!
4.69s(SOBBING) No free will. Not my fault.
1.97sWhy do you care so much, Bender?
2.92sI mean, for all we know, humans don't even have free will.