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8.16sBut by your client's own admissions... (SQUAWKS) You see, Bender here is what is known in scientific circles as a "robot,"
5.09sa mere automaton whose behavior is pre-programmed by his software.
4.04sHe has no free will! He cannot "decide"
2.17sto engage in criminal behavior.
7.41sHow, I say, I say, how can you convict him for his actions when he lacks the free will to undertake those actions?
2.52s(ALL GASPING) I'm awake, I'm awake!
3.8sOrder, order! Counselor, I am a robot myself.
5.47sAre you suggesting that any verdict I reach is simply the output of a pre-programmed...
1.84sComputation complete.
1.92sNot guilty!
4.57s(ALL CHEERING) You did it, Bender! You got away with things!
2.3sDid I, Fry? Did I?
3.24sWhat's the point of living if I don't have free will?
2.77sFrom now on, no matter what cool crimes I commit,