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2.33spossession of something analogous to drugs,
2.33sand assault with a smelly weapon.
1.52sHow do you plead?
3.74sNot guilty! Although I did do it. That's right, I'm bad.
2.27sDue to the overwhelming nature of the evidence,
2.04swe will begin with closing statements.
5.3sYour Honor, the state's case contains not one Kentucky kernel of truth,
6.06sresting as it does on the contention that my client made a series of bad decisions.
4.05sHowever, my client made no such decisions!
8.16sBut by your client's own admissions... (SQUAWKS) You see, Bender here is what is known in scientific circles as a "robot,"
5.09sa mere automaton whose behavior is pre-programmed by his software.
4.04sHe has no free will! He cannot "decide"
2.17sto engage in criminal behavior.
7.41sHow, I say, I say, how can you convict him for his actions when he lacks the free will to undertake those actions?
2.52s(ALL GASPING) I'm awake, I'm awake!