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3.57sYo, Paco, I'm hurtin' bad. Hook me up with some spark.
1.53sFive bucks.
3.17sFive bucks? You know I spent all my money on gambling lessons.
2.84sHow am I supposed to get five bucks?
4.24sHello, handsome. Might I procure your services?
1.93sUh, what do I have to do?
2.52sOh, nothing sordid, I assure you.
4.57sSimply vomit on me ever so gently while I humiliate a pheasant.
3.29s(RETCHES) Save it for the boudoir!
2.92sOkay, here's my five bucks. Give me the stuff.
1.17sGive it to me!
1.23sSorry there, sport.
3.54sThat cash greenback belongs to us mafiolios.