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2.03sWelcome to MomCorp.
2.65sDid you find everything you were burgling for?
2.15sNo. I came for a free will unit,
2.44sand you're going to give it to me. If it exists.
2.94sThen you got surprised by my swivel chair for nothing.
4.85sThe free will unit was just the fevered dream of a madman I once employed.
2.89sGood news, boss. After 10 long years,
3.24sI've found the secret of robotic free will.
4.82sWe can finally build robots that act and think with total independence.
3.5sAt last. Once we give robots free will,
4.17sthey're sure to rise up and threaten mankind with extermination.
6.14s(CHUCKLING) Wait a minute. It sounds like we're getting the short end of that extermination.