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2.97sMr. Simpson, I represent the estate of jimmy Durante.
1.97sI have a court order demanding an immediate halt...
2sto this unauthorized imitation-- Boys!
2sWell, would it be all right with you...
2.7sif I just laid down in the street and died?
3.2sYes, that would be acceptable.
3.02sSmithers, guess what happened to me last night?
2.73sI don't know, sir. You had sex with that old woman?
3.89sShe said "No" to me. Do you know how many women have said "No" to me?
3.15s130-- But only one since I've become a billionaire.
3.14sAnd she's the one for me. I'm in love!
2.47sWhoop-dee-do, sir. Yes, whoop-dee-do.
2.28sWhoop-dee-do to the world! Whoop-dee-do, Mr. Florist.
2.57sWhoop-dee-do, Mr. Physical Trainer. Whoop-dee-do, Mr. President.
2.05sI'm happy you've finally found love.