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2.97sOOh! Yes. My darling,
2.43ssince my kneecaps are filling with fluid as we speak,
2.07sI'll be brief-- Will you marry me?
3.84sOh! Mom, you can't marry Mr. Burns. He's an evil man.
3.44sEvil, schmevil, Marge. Monty can provide for me.
3.57sBesides, he's a great kisser. Ew! Yuck!
2.17sMm, what about Abe Simpson?
2.34sDon't you have any feelings for him?
3.19sOh, he's a dear, but he's too much of an old fusspot.
2.32sWe're all aware of Grampa's problems,
3.47sbut compared to Mr. Burns, he's judge freaking Reinhold.
1.98sI don't know who that is.
2.95sOh! Who needs her?
5sNow I'll have more time to read things I find on the ground.