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2.24sWow, he must've been a total Zoidberg.
1.35sIt was Zoidberg!
4.2sHe brutalized us with power tools, gypsy curses and hypnosis.
1.88sYes, master.
3.1sYou'll all get through this. I give you my word as a real doctor.
1.02sWhat about me?
1.1sWhat did he do to you?
3.47sI don't know exactly, but I'm incontinent.
1.93sI'm truly sorry.
2.22sI consider myself a reasonable man.
2.07sQuick with a joke, slow to anger.
2.2sBut Bender can't go on long car trips anymore,
2.03sand I say Zoidberg must die.
2.1sPeople, please. Let's not overreact...
1.87sDeath to the crab!
1.62sHow bad is it, Doctor?
3.04sSuper bad. It's Tritonian hyper-malaria.
2.85sA lot of these men will be dead within 24 hours.
1.87sWhat? Not you, though.
4sYou'll make a complete recovery and go on to marry a supermodel!