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1.63sHey, thanks for noticing.
2.74sJust for that, I'm gonna slip you into the 57th verse.
2.8sYou can be my best friend who abandons me when I need you.
2.62sNow, that's a verse we can all enjoy.
7.04sWell, Rodriguez ran to his best friend Said, "Help me or I'll surely be killed"
14.9sFry laughed and he said, "You deserted me once "Now it's your turn to feel the chill Lord, Lord "Now it's your turn to feel the chill" You've accurately portrayed the nature of my grievance.
9.38sBig Caboose went lookin' for Rodriguez Straight to New New York town He cried... Bender, guess what.
3.37sI met a fabulous girl and we're engaged to be hitched.
1.3sThat's great, Caboose.
1.35sCome on in and set a spell.
2.64sNo time. I got someplace to be.