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3.4sI'm a steel-driving man, and there ain't much more to say about me.
1.7sNot till now there wasn't.
11.48sWell, Big Caboose was a steel-drivin' son of a gun Till a bad-hearted woman he spied But, Bender, I never spied no bad-hearted woman.
4.47sIn my song you did, a temptress named, I don't know, Jezebel.
2.52sWow, creativity's hard work.
1.83sYou know my favorite part of your song?
5.45sThe part where it ended. (LAUGHS) Then settle in, 'cause that's about a half hour from now.
4.1sWell, Jezebel's heart did wander
12.83sWhen she saw that ramblin' man He was tall and dark and shiny And a native Mexican That sleazy rambler sounds an awful lot like you, Bender.