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1.62sYes, sir.
3.17sAnd don't go to prison. That's my shtick!
2.77sI failed at my lifelong dream again.
4.34sHow can I be so bad at everything I try, and still be so great?
2.44sBender, you have a lovely baritone,
3.1sand you sure can strum that plastic guitar.
3.69sBut you can't write a real folk song about experiences you haven't had.
4.5sYeah, you should write a song about a heartless robot who leaves his best friend to be murdered.
2.87sLook, Leela, I'd love to write about my own experiences...
3.14sThe heartless robot is Bender. The best friend is me.
2.17sHow can you people be so blind?
6.94sBut I've never picked cotton or been on top of Old Smokey or worked on anything all the livelong day, let alone a railroad.