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1.93sright after he thawed out of his carbonite,
4.9sand right before he froze me in his carbonite because you deserted me.
4.94s(GROANS) You're always getting frozen in stuff. It's your thing, man.
3.05sBender, you're not a folk singer just 'cause you have a guitar.
1.74sAnd a flannel shirt.
2.54sI claim I won it in a knife fight at J. Crew.
2.7sIt must be interesting to win a knife fight.
1.43sI wouldn't know.
3.55sThe point is, do you even know any actual folk songs?
2.7sPfft! Actual folk songs are all public domain.
2.69sWhere's the money in that? I'll just make up my own.
4.39sBut, robot, you can't just make up folk songs like you can a medical diploma.