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3.17s(LAUGHS) You're the sucker, sucker.
1.28sSee, with all Salmonella and me been through,
1.87sher sound is unique.
3.99sAll your fancy technology will never be able to copy this guitar.
4.54sUsing my fancy technology, I can make an exact copy of this guitar.
2.28sTell me, Dr. Beeler. Will I need to threaten you?
1.27sNot at all.
2.6sYou see, nowadays we can take a unique and beautiful object,
3.2sand easily reduce it to a formula for mass production.
2.79sI call the process "science."
3.15sI'll just need to locate that guitar image on your file system.
3.97sWhoa, that's a lot of porn. Where'd you store the guitar picture?
2.54sI don't know. I mainly hang out in here.