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1.62sAnd I cowered in the bathroom
1.77sWhile that steel-drivin' moron
2.13sKilled a duplicate instead of me
1.18sLord, Lord
4.49sKilled a duplicate instead of me
2.07sNow, that's what I call a great ending.
3.4sI made a copy of myself and Big Caboose killed him.
3.25sBut you said making a copy of yourself would be a lousy ending.
2.95sNo, duplicate me said that.
4.29sSee, I had to be sure he wouldn't try and weasel out of getting killed like I would, and did,
3.94sso I created him with a tragic weakness, artistic integrity.
1.17sOf course.
3.97sHow could we have thought a guy with integrity was you even for a second?