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5.57sBender, whatever you do, don't think about any more octopuses.
3.84sI believe the correct plural is octopi.
4.87sI'm sorry. "Octopuses" is also acceptable.
3.2sThink about puppies, Bender, cute, harmless, dead puppies.
2.77sDon't worry. I'll disconnect him from the printer.
2.72sNo, wait. I know how to save Bender from Big Caboose.
4.79s(TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) (BENDER WHIMPERS) All he has to do is write his way out of this mess,
2.54sand the 3-D printer will make it happen.
0.77sLike how?
1.4sWell, I don't know.
2.93sMake up another giant octopus and have it kill Big Caboose.
1.68sWhat kind of lazy ending is that?
1.87sI'm not gonna put that in my song.
1.67sHey, I have a cool idea.
1.27sCreate a duplicate Bender,
3.27sso when Big Caboose kills it, it's not real, it's duplicate.
3sOh! Oh! They did that on Star Trek, TNG.
1.62sCram it, nerd.
3.07sI'm not going to just copy some feel-good TV show wrap-up.