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1.75sJust like in your folk song.
3.8sSomehow everything you sang about is happening in real life.
1.48s(FRY COUGHS) Whoa, whoa, whoa!
3.97sAre you saying that guy at the apartment was some kind of exact copy of Fry?
1.44s'Cause that's crazy.
1.8sHe's a unique and beautiful object.
2.6s(GASPING) The printer.
4.67sOh! I must have left the wireless connection to your folk song directory open.
3.45sEverything you wrote in the song got routed straight to the 3-D printer.
2.8sBig Caboose, duplicate Fry, even Cookie,
2.7sthe crusty, comically inept geological surveyor,
1.87sthey're all made of nano-plastic.
2.34sSo, if Bender had sung about, I don't know,
2.45ssome crazy giant land octopus attacking me,
1.69sit would have actually happened?
3.1sPfft! I can't even imagine singing about such a thing.
2.52sFry, run!
2.9sOh, relax, Beeler's stupid machine takes hours to print anything.
1.23sNo, it doesn't.
3.27sI improved it using fancy modern technology.