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1.22swe embarrass you?
2.19sNo! No! I--I mean, yes.
2.09sDoes anyone else smell Astroglide?
1.58sYou're gonna look so handsome.
2.07sUgh, Look at these crow's feet.
2.17sMy God! You stay up past 7:30,
1.78sand you pay for it in the morning.
1.87sWho the hell does Brian think he is?
2.3sWell, Maybe he thought we'd get in the way.
3.2sI mean, It wouldn't be the first time you've disrupted a performance.
1.23sOh, jeez! Oh, God!
1.42sOh, God! I--I didn't see it!
1.74sIt jumped right out in front of my car!
2.3sOh, I am so sorry!
2.1sI think we just have to face it, Peter.
1.93sBrian's a big-time Hollywood director,
2.5sand we're just simple, small-town people.
1.65sUm, All right, one more. One more.
0.97sUh, Rob Lowe.
1.13s- No! - Yes.
1.5s- Come on. Stop! - Ho, hum.
1.2sPull over. Absolutely.
1.13s- Really? - Yeah.
1.1sHe hides it well.
1.07sHe wishes.
2.18s"Stewie." That's a funny name.